Koichiro Yamamoto

Japanese | English

sense of liquid

The enigma of things generally considered insignificant

I have been making SURREAL objects. This is probably due to my interest in ideas of ﹍REALITY﹎& ﹍FICTION﹎.

My work usually questions ﹍General Idea/Common Sense﹎ that people have been implanted by their society or environment since they were born. And I am particularly interested in ﹍Image﹎ that people already have without conscious thought. In my opinion, ﹍Image﹎ is one of the most bizzare things in the world, and it is also one of the most ambiguous things as well.

By using the ﹍Image﹎, or by manipulating the ﹍Common Sense﹎, I create a sensation. My work gives viewers a surprise since they have this ﹎Image﹎ or ﹍Common Sense﹎.