Koichiro Yamamoto

Japanese | English

Double Vision

A collaborative exhibition with the painter MIHO SATO, who is known for works in which details of the human face such as eyes, mouth and nose are not depicted. Their worlds speak to the theme of 'identity'.

A teapot that is deprived of every element actually resides with a stronger sense presence, trying to say something.

Handles and spouts are placed orderly on the showcase looking like a display in museum, implying new meaning for objects that used to be mere parts.

At the center of the exhibition room, transparent, colorless anonymous glass bottles are lined up on a tilted table. The water they contain represents, the shedding of light on something that has been overlooked.

A wine glass that has had its leg cut off generates a totally alien identity, while on a T-shirt dozens of brand-tags are stitched onto it, as if denying its individuality.

A famously branded parka whose logo has been re-stitched with 'JAP' represents our feelings for various confusions, conflicts, and in-between-ness we have experienced as two Japanese having lived in a foreign country for a long time.

As a result, we may be able to say that it was an exhibition expressing that which two Japanese - having lived in the UK for more than 7 years - have unconsciously felt.

koichiro yamamoto 2008