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1000m絵画でエコバッグ_ARTKIDS EXPO in 上野公園 2008

Children painted on the enormous 1m wide × 1000m long fabric, which was wound around trees and hung across the forest in Ueno Park. It was a workshop by Masato Yakabe, held as a part of the Art Kids Expo, where participants created memories that everyone could share.

Once completed, the collaborative 1000m-long work was boldly cut and made into eco-bags.

Children could choose either to participate only in painting or to participate in both the painting and the eco-bag creation, in which case an eco-bag would be sent to the participant later on.

You never know which part you will get until you open the package.

There is an anticipation in knowing about the arrival of the package.
There is an enthusiasm in feeling its weight and softness.
Memories of that day remembered.
These emotions culminate with the opening of the package and putting the bag over your shoulder.

These presentations are all part of the project, enhancing the participants' experience.

Painting in a forest makes one feel special. The participants wear their own raincoats so as not to get stained.

During the Art Kids Expo, 100 eco-bags - made out of a 1000m painting by kids in Art Camp 2007 Summer, organized by "Education Through Art" - were sold in the Art Kids Museum Shop set up in Ueno Royal Museum.

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