Koichiro Yamamoto

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うえのこうえんのうわさ_ARTKIDS EXPO in 上野公園 2008

The second work of the series is "Rumors in Japan"
Various pieces of undiscovered information related to Ueno Park was put on speech-balloon-shaped panels, as if someone is spreading rumors. The panels were installed in the forest around the Ueno Royal Museum and 9 other sights.

With their familiar shape, they encouraged the audiences to rediscover Ueno park, making people feel closer to it, while functioning as landmarks for the "Ueno Park Exploratory Quiz Rally", and as its clues and answers.

No one got lost thanks to the panels and they served to reduce the work of the staff in collecting answer sheets for the quiz as well.
The installation also functioned as an appealing promotion of the project, making the winter forest bloom.

koichiro yamamoto 2008